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Signals and trend

I studied several signals in the future of work: 

They all point towards one trend: growing flexibility at work. 

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Capturing this trend, I focused on the geological flexibility. If you can already work flexibly, why not working from a place that is neither your home nor your office but somewhere you like to go. Therefore, I introduce the concept of

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I brought this concept to both employees and employers, and found a number of problems. 

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Their concerns suggest a need of real work environment even when working from anywhere. 

solution is ...

The solution lies at another problem created by flexible working - spare office space!

Screen Shot 2023-08-09 at 4.34.49 PM.png


My service proposition is to connect flexible workers' need of a workspace to flexible businesses' problem of excessive workspace. 


A platform to facilitate flexible working-from-anywhere

  • For businesses to post underused office spaces

  • For flexible work people to find an off-site office space

Define the boundary between work and leisure

An environment to promote productivity and self-discipline

A space for workplace bonding and networking


I am targeting 2 user groups, the flexible worker "Guest" and the business "Host." 

I wanted to start with an industry where flexible working is common and chose consultancy. 

Guest Persona

Group 6.png

Host Persona

Group 7.png


I built a simulation of an Off Office space and invited people from both persona groups to experience it, test the concept and give feedback.


Response to feedback

Feedback was collected from the participants. I analyzed and responded to them by adding specific service components to my proposition.

Screen Shot 2023-08-09 at 5.55.14 PM.png

Service blueprint

Based on the initial proposition and added service components, I developed the service blueprint.

Group 32.png

Business model

Building upon the service blueprint, to make the service viable, I developed the business model to organize the cost structure and revenue stream. 

Group 33.png

Make the dream of working from anywhere come true

©Ken Chen

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