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Ken Chen.

I specialize in

My works include apps, screen-based interactions, tech installations, and interactive media arts.

My works focus on user-centered design, creative coding, immersion, and interactivity. 

industry experience

March 2020 - Present

UX/UI Designer

Noble Tree Publishing Inc., Remote

  • Revamp 30+ interfaces of a magazine e-commerce website

  • Overhaul the old website and propose redesign strategies to the board

  • Streamline the checkout experience, reducing from 5 steps to 3 steps

  • Rearrange information in “Order History” to provide efficient 1-stop order-searching experience

  • Improve the style and color palette to better represent its position as a children magazine

  • Design the new responsive website for mobile

  • Collaborate closely with developers and chief editors to produce smart design decisions

  • Advice board members on solutions that can strengthen both design and business values

  • Enhance browsing and shopping experience for 5000+ subscribers and 7000+ registered users

June 2019 - July 2019

Interaction Design Intern

Thinklight IT Co., Shanghai

  • Led UX/UI design in two B2G projects adopted by district governments to facilitate Fire Safety Inspection

  • Defined user persona based on user research

  • Mapped information architecture and user journey

  • Prototyped 110+ wireframes, user flow diagrams, and high-fidelity user interfaces to communicate user experience to stakeholders

  • Built dashboards to visualize inspection results

  • Moderated usability tests and integrated feedback into updates

  • Collaborated with product managers and developers to provide creative and thoughtful design solutions and deliver production-ready assets

Education & Training


Bachelor of Fine Arts
in Design and Technology

Parsons School of Design, The New School, New York

Major pathway in Creative Technology

Minor in Creative Entrepreneurship

Collab program with Köln International School of Design

Winner of Parsons Learning Portfolio Contest

Dean's List student

Dean's Scholarship recipient


Training in
Interaction/UX Design

Sphinx International Art Education, Shanghai

Developed skills in user experience research and design, user-centered design, app design, screen-based media design, interactive installation design, user persona, user journey, user scenario, user flow, wireframe and UI, rapid digital and physical prototyping


Proficient in these programs:


3D modeling



interactive, nonlinear storytelling


audio and visual media programming


new media art coding


new media art coding


3D experience development platform


electronic engineering and programming

Fluent in these programing languages:
Java, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
Proficient in these techniques:
Rapid prototyping, 360° video editing, VR environment building,
3D modeling and printing, CNC
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