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Be A Tree Feature Image

Be a tree

A real-time generator of tree images with the shape based on the audience’s pose and color from their clothing


Detect audience by pixel comparison


In Processing, by color comparison that runs through every pixel, this program can get the index of pixels that have a significant color difference from the background, which indicates the location and pose of the audience. 

Get the color of the clothing

Then calculating the center of these audience-occupied pixels, the program can extract the color of the audience’s clothes.

Draw the tree

With the shape and color information, a tree can be drawn by placing color-altered leaf images at expected locations. Some noises are intentionally integrated into the color and location information. 


Literally putting the audience in the position of a tree, “Be A Tree” hopes to raise awareness of sustainability, making the audience rethink about the importance of nature in their lives and how they can contribute their significance to nature. 

©Ken Chen

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